Foxtail Cabin
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About Foxtail Cabin
We built our cabin in 2008 after we were lucky enough to buy a single, secluded acre completely surrounded by National Forest. Even though we live only three miles away, we like to spend time there ourselves in the peace and quiet with the deer, bear, wild turkeys, ravens, pileated woodpeckers, squirrels and all the rest of the "neighbors." We think you will, too. 

Available year-round! Well-heated plus a glass-front wood-burning stove and we supply plenty of firewood! Our mountains are beautiful in the winter--and the bears are generally asleep... 

Everything you need is furnished except for food and drink. We have good mountain spring water that is filtered at tap on the frig but you might, however, want to bring along some bottled water since we can't guarantee absolute purity all the time. Bears do "go" in the woods, after all...

The cabin has dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator/freezer with ice maker and a washer/dryer combination. There is one bathroom, but it is spacious with a nice big tub and plenty of hot water.

Wheelchair users have a ramp for access to the cabin, deck and porch. All doorways are 36", the bathroom is accessible. We might not be officially ADA compliant, but we're close.

There is a telephone, but we have no cell phone reception in the valley and the cabin has no internet service. (You are here to relax, remember?)   

PUPPIE FRINDLY! If you have a dog, cat or pet rock that is really, really nice and non-destructive you're welcome to bring him, her or it along. Ditto for kids and inlaws.